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Waves. Milenko Matanović: 50 years

Waves. 50 Years of Milenko Matanović


The catalogue comprises four chapters. The artist’s production in his OHO years is presented with a number of his rapid installations in parks, forests, fields, and rivers: working with wooden sticks, string, candles or rolls of paper, Matanovič injected simple interventions into the sites as part of OHO’s Summer Projects. His later work in the Pomegranate Center, where he made his skills available to what communities wanted to create, is showcased with parks and community gathering places collectively designed and built using local materials and expertise. “Art fitness” refers to his lifelong practice of drawing, started at an early age and now resulting in works in pencil, watercolor and ink. The last part is dedicated to the artist’s current solo work: a new series of installations that show how his post-OHO art practice would have progressed had he continued in that vein.

In the 1960s, Milenko Matanovič (1947, Ljubljana) was active as a member of the OHO group. Later, in 1986, he founded the Pomegranate Center near Seattle, Washington, where he lives, on similar principles. Working at the intersection of art, ecology, economy, healthcare, and education, the Pomegranate Center helps communities design and build gathering places. Its interdisciplinary projects are founded on the principles of interdependence and collective explorations of living spaces.


Exhibtion catalogue +MSUM: Waves: 50 years of Milenko Matanovič art, 2018



Year: 2018

Editor: Igor Španjol assisted by Tamara Soban

Publisher: Moderne galerlija, Ljubljana

Distributed by: Moderne galerlija, Ljubljana

Texts by: Zdenka Badovinac, Milenko Matanović, Igor Španjol, Beti Žerovc

Language: Slovenian / English  

Pages: 104

ISBN: 978-961-206-131-9



  • Edit by: Igor Španjol, Moderne Galerija
  • Original Title: Waves. Milenko Matanović: 50 years
  • Year: 2018
  • Publisher: DAF
  • Language: English/Slovenian