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6 Feb – 6 April 2014
Jirí Kovanda. I haven't been here before

The Brno House of Arts, Czech Republic

Curator: Adam Dominik
Loans by Kontakt: Jirí Kovanda, Action Photographs, 1976-1979

An extensive retrospective of the major Czech artist Jirí Kovanda (b. 1953), made up of works from a wide variety of gallery and private collections in Europe. The artist is known in particular for his events at the start of the 1970s. Together with a number of European artists at that time he made the limits of the human psyche into a topic in its own right and expressed himself in a modest, minimalist form. He organised a number of events at which he subjected both his own psychological preparedness and that of onlookers to tests. Jirí Kovanda also contributed significantly to the arrival of the post-modern sensibility in Czech culture. For example, he created a number of works in which he worked with the current contemporary change in social values. In his performances at the time he experimented with man’s given psychological make-up, basing this on his own personal experience. Not only through the rich content of his work, but also by its minimalist form he is part of the major European experimental performance trend of the 1970s. The exhibition was prepared by the Polish Muzeum Wspólczesen Wroclaw, and will include an additional installation by the artist in the Procházka Hall here.