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GASK / Central Bohemian Gallery, Jesuit College, Kutná Hora
08 May - 29 August 2010
With the presentation of works from Kontakt at the inauguration of the new art space GASK on the premises of a former Jesuit college in Kutná Hora, a major body of works from the collection was presented for the third time as an overall thematic survey. The exhibition in Kutná Hora marked another opportunity to present a large number of artists and works from different countries, as well as to present the different themes addressed by the collection. The exhibition was curated by Jana and Jirí Ševcík, who have made an essential contribution to the reevaluation of pre- and post-1989 Czech art history. With the presentation of Kontakt in Kutná Hora, the collection’s name also returned to its linguistic roots: the name Kontakt was originally derived from works by Július Koller and Jirí Kovanda, both of whom used the term Kontakt in their works of the 1970s in order to hint at the interrupted communication between art and the public as well as between the Communist Bloc and the Western world. The historically oriented section of the collection also played an important role in the exhibition in Kutná Hora, starting at a point in contemporary art history at which decisive political, actionist, performative, feminist and gender-related movements entered the realm of art, a fact which has strongly fostered the perception of these issues in the public space ever since. On a conceptual-formalist level, many artworks of the time were attempts to formulate reactions to the development of modernism and its status within the art discourse of the socialist countries. The younger generation of artists in the exhibition also dealt with structures that radically define space, with the conditions of current identity formations resulting from the dissolution of countries like the former Czechoslovakia or former Yugoslavia, and with the transformation processes entailed by a Europe that is defined by the standards of the European Union. Hence, the collection’s presentation in Kutná Hora showed countries’ willingness to open up new spaces for art and to present contemporary artistic practices that do not always enjoy easy access to institutional frameworks.

Conception of the exhibition: Jana and Jirí Ševcíkovi
Coordination of the exhibition: Ondrej Chrobák, Walter Seidl
Architectural design: Tomáš Svoboda

GASK / Galerie Stredoceského kraje, Jezuitská kolej, Barborská 53/24, Kutná Hora 284 01, Czech Republic

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  • © National Gallery of Kosovo, Photo: Enver Bylykbashi

  • (c) Mumok Vienna, photo Lisa Rastl

  • (c) Mumok Vienna, photo Lisa Rastl
  • Courtesy Badischer Kunstverein

  • (c) Mumok Vienna, photo: Lisa Rastl

  • Courtesy Badischer Kunstverein, 2008

  • © National Gallery of Kosovo, Photo: Enver Bylykbashi

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