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19 September - 23 September 2012
This exhibition gathered together works pertaining to actions and/or performances mounted since the 1970s, a decade during which the relationship between art and life became interwoven on the level of perception. Those who view the works of such artists as Geta Bratescu, Petr Štembera and Dóra Maurer in search of some special regional characteristic, some sort of “Eastern European” connection, will have a hard time finding one. Instead, they will probably ascertain just how many similarities there are to international developments. But even so, the analogies that crop up on a formal level evaporate upon closer examination of these works. One is moved to wonder about the environments and contexts within which they were created. The photographic works of both Karel Miler and Dóra Maurer visualize planned and staged motion sequences that are presented to the viewer as series of images. The transformations and qualitative changes of a developmental relationship are shown via the incorporation of temporality. The network of individual moments thus composed forms relationships and defines the recollective realm. By way of contrast, the photographs showing actions performed by Petr Štembera and by Jan Mlcoch document how artists experiment with their own bodies. The experimentation with one’s own bodily limitations is much like experimentation with the limitations of societal consciousness and the taboos associated therewith. These performances were for the most part staged in private or semipublic venues. The works presented in this exhibition, showing artistic stances since the 1970s as well as more recent output such as that of Maria Hahnenkamp and Pavel Braila, are to be viewed as more than just criticism of a societal situation. This fact is demonstrated by Geta Bratescu, whose focus centers on the quest for human form and freedom, as well as by the works of Sven Stilinovic, which amount to radical and individualistic statements that emphasize their relationship to society and its forms. All these are not correctives for societal processes in and of themselves, but much rather aesthetic statements and/or commentaries.

Collection Curator: Walter Seidl

Conception and Organization:
Research Associate, Anamarija Batista;
Curatorial Assistant, Karolina Radenkovic;
Intern, Hephzibah Druml

VIENNAFAIR September 20-23, 2012

Messe Wien, Hall A, Entrance A
Messeplatz 1
A-1020 Vienna

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