• Probe 1 – The Story of Slovak (Post)Conceptual art
    12 Dec 2018 − 24 March 2019

    Prague City Gallery / Stone Bell House Curated by: Vlado Beskid and Jakub Král Loans by Kontakt: Ján Mančuška, Julius Koller, Stano Filko, Roman Ondak The exhibition will introduce Czech public into one of the crucial tendencies found in modern and contemporary Slovak art. It will focus on the origination and development of Conceptual and post-Conceptual Art within the horizon of the past fifty years in Slovakia, i.e. from the alternative, unofficial scene of the 1960s to the post-1989 legal artistic platform. The oeuvres of two generations of artists, such as Viktor Frešo, Jozef Jankovič, Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkáčová, Martin Kochan, Július Koller, Marek Kvetan, Ján Mančuška, Roman Ondák, Boris Ondreička, Monogramista T.D, Rudolf Sikora, Pavla Sceranková, Peter Rónai and Jaro Varga, will serve to present particular forms of Conceptual artistic morphology, as it was shaped by the new aesthetic criteria with their codes, in the context of time. The exhibition, held as a specific contribution to the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the existence of Czechoslovakia, will go hand in hand with interventions by several Czech artists (Jan Brož, Alice Nikitinová, Vít Soukup, Pavel Sterec, Antonín Střížek, Michaela Thelenová) who will loosely contextualize selected historical, social, economic and world-view facets of our history. Their main subject of interest is the transformations of the internal social paradigm, presented the loss of the utopian outreach of our thinking in connection with the declining big ideologies.

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“METANOIA” is a compilation of films and videos VALIE EXPORT.
“METANOIA” contains not only EXPORT’s first film work, “Self-Portrait with Head” (1967), but also her most recent one, “Anagrammatic Composition of Dice” (2010). It therefore reflects an oeuvre that, so far, spans 43 years. This compilation makes clear the variety and complexity of the artist’s work: “METANOIA” encompasses avant-garde films, structural films, documentations of video and body actions, performance films and video poems.
The term “Metanoia” was first used by EXPORT in connection with her film “Invisible Adversaries” (1976). Derived from the Greek, the word is comprised of “meta” (“about” or “beyond”) and “noia” (from “nous” - “meaning”) and is used in this context, among other definitions, to mean “rethinking” or “beyond thinking.”

“METANOIA” contains:

1. Adjunct Dislocations II, 1973/1978
2. Anagrammatic Composition with Dice (after W.A. Mozart) for Soprano Saxophone by VALIE EXPORT, 2010
3. ASEMIA – The Inability of Expressing Oneself through Facial Expressions, 1973
4. Moving Pictures about Moving People, 1973
5. Body Politics, 1974
6. BODY TAPE, 1970
7. DELTA. A Piece, 1976/1977
8. the sweet number: an experience of consumption, 1968/1969
9. The Duality of Nature, 1986
11. Fragments: Burgenland, 1970
12. Poems, 1966–
13. Breath Text: Love Poem, 1970/1973
14. HYPERBULIA, 1973
15. I (BEAT (IT)), 1978
16. INTERRUPTED LINE, 1971/1972
17. “I turn over the pictures of my voice in my head,” 2008
18. Man & Woman & Animal, 1973
19. Space Seeing and Space Hearing, 1973/1974
20. …Remote…Remote…, 1973
21. Restricted Code, 1979
22. Cuts/Elements of Observation, 1971–1974
23. Visual Text: Finger Poem, 1968
24. Visual Text: Finger Poem, 1973
25. Self-Portrait with Eyes, 1970
26. Self-Portrait with Head, 1966/1967
27. Syntagma, 1983
28. TOUCH CINEMA, 1968/1969/1989
29. “The voice as performance, act and body,” 2007

  • Artist: VALIE EXPORT
  • Original Title: METANOIA
  • Year: 2011
  • Material: video compilation: 29 videos
  • Dimensions: various durations
  • Inventory no.: K339
  • Category: video
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