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Oil calms the waves of the sea, but on land it makes you slip. Appeasement and abasement - these are the lubricants and anti-blocking agents which society deploys in the hope of friction-free communication, even at the cost of so many people perishing.
If I stand up, I can only move like a marionette. If I fall, I fall apart. If I sit, I cannot rest. If I lie down, I can only do so with pain. I am the building in which the self must persist without moving, in which my thoughts, desires and needs can only fight air battles.
At the focal point, the three frozen monitors rock into which the waves of lubricating oil have washed me; in the forest of cold, in the forest of the trinity, the encounter with the cold photographic image is warmer than death.

  • Artist: VALIE EXPORT
  • Original Title: I (BEAT (IT))
  • Year: 1978
  • Material: video, b&w, sound
  • Dimensions: Duration: 39min, 25sec
  • Inventory no.: K460
  • Category: video
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