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"Cuts" is an experimental black-and-white video that deals with temporal and spatial structures and is divided into four sections: "A: Imaginary line, B: Serial montage, C: Inversion from inside to outside, D: An object and its phonetic body." As if in a physical experimental set-up, VALIE EXPORT explains based on sketch-like plans - in an unmodulated voice and using impersonal diction, whitout appearing on camera - how she handles moving images in this experiment, which system she follows when recording certain images. She says, for instance, in example A: "An imaginary line drawn through a housing block was traced with the video camera. A picture was made with the video camera of every wall, starting from the outside wall of the block of buildings and continuing with images of every successive apartment wall. Then the imaginary line through the housing block was followed in the opposite direction, with a video image again being made of every apartment wall. Each video thus follows the previous one: picture after picture."

  • Artist: VALIE EXPORT
  • Original Title: Schnitte/Elemente der Anschauung
  • English Title: Cuts/Elements of Observation
  • Year: 1971-1974
  • Material: video, b&w, sound
  • Dimensions: Duration: 16min, 38sec
  • Inventory no.: K467
  • Category: video
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