• Everything we see could also be otherwise (My sweet little lamb)
    20 September – 11 November 2017

    The Showroom (63 Penfold St, Marylebone, London NW8 8PQ, UK) Curated by: What, How & for Whom/WHW, in collaboration with Kathrin Rhomberg, co-curated by Emily Pethick Preview: Tuesday 19 September, 6.30–8.30pm Exhibition opening hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12–6pm The Showroom presents the epilogue of a long-term project which took place over several months in Zagreb (November 2016 to May 2017), which contextualised and rethought the Kontakt Art Collection. It was curated by What, How & for Whom/WHW in collaboration with Kathrin Rhomberg. This final exhibition is co-curated by The Showroom Director Emily Pethick. Taking selected works from the Vienna-based Kontakt Art Collection as its point of departure, including seminal pieces by some of the most prominent artists from Central, Eastern and South-East Europe since the 1960s, the exhibition stages an interplay between these and other historical, contemporary and newly produced works that interpret and critically examine the collection. The project unfolded in six episodes in Zagreb, each iteration influencing, contradicting and reinforcing each other. It took place in a number of smaller art spaces, artists' studios, private apartments and other locations related to artistic production and the broader cultural landscape of the city. This final stage of the project at The Showroom continues to reframe and expand the context of the collection. Interlacing geographically and poetically heterogeneous artist practices, the project attempts to punctuate standardized presentations and interpretations of works that have dominated international art circuits over the last few decades, with more disorderly and experimental arrangements. The project title is taken from a work by Croatian artist Mladen Stilinović (1947–2016), to whom the project is dedicated. Stilinović's life-long anti-systemic approach, his quiet but shrewd rebellion against social conventions and the conventions of art, and an artistic practice that trenchantly and humorously engages with complex themes of ideology, work, money, pain and poverty, inspired a generation of artists worldwide. The project is a cooperation with Kontakt Art Collection and is supported by Erste Group Bank AG and ERSTE Foundation.


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Natalia LL

Since the 1960s, the photo and video works of Natalia LL have revolved around the role of the body as a cultural signifier for the construction of artistic versions of reality relating both to the vulnerability of physical representation and to the desire to create bodily narrations in mythical situations.

Being married to photo artist Andrzej Lachowicz, Natalia LL has since the 1970s used the first letters of her officially registered last name, Lach-Lachowicz, to create a trademark as well as an artistic persona for all her visual appearances. This artistic strategy is in keeping with the increasing commoditization of products that has taken place since the 1960s, as well as with the theories of writers such Marshall McLuhan, who saw the onslaught of product placement in the media as a  precursor of Western image ideologies. On an artistic level, however, this trope is not meant merely to turn the artist into a product; it much rather relates to Marxist theories. For Marx, commoditization is assigned to something not previously considered in economic terms which, in this case, relates to artistic thoughts, identity formations and representations of gender. Natalia LL’s strategic positioning puts her in line with fellow artists such as VALIE EXPORT, who drastically altered her real name for the sake of artistic representation in order to engage in performance and create media art focusing on the subjectivization of the female body within a male-dominated society. 

From the very beginning of her artistic career, Natalia LL used her own self in combination with various props and prostheses in order to relate to the changing parameters in terms of which issues of the body and the body’s representation as a mythical and sexual object/subject are treated in contemporary visual practices. Focusing on the media of photography and film, Natalia LL’s work questions the ontological aspects of bodily representation, which visual output oscillates constantly between reality and fiction, between what is culturally significant, concealed or unmasked.


Natalia LL/Natalia Lach-Lachowicz

Born in Żywiec, Poland, 1937.

Natalia LL is working in painting, photography, drawing, performance, and video art. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (Poland) from 1957 to 1963. In 1964 Natalia LL received the Diploma of the Association of Polish Artists Photographers. She co-founded the PERMAFO Gallery in Wroclaw in 1970. Since 1975 Natalia LL is engaged in the International Feminist Art movement.

Lives and works in Wroclaw, Poland.

Solo Exhibitions (selected):

2012     “Opus Magnum”, Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary

2011     “Natalia LL.”, Donatio National Museum Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland

2010     “Prywatne Magie” ze zbioru OPERA OMNIA, FF Gallery, Forum Fotografii, Lodz, Poland

2009     “Natalia LL - Opera Omnia 3. Energetic intimacy”, EGO Gallery, Posen, Poland

2008     “Natalia LL”, Art NEW media Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2007     “Natalia LL”, Foto Medium Art Gallery, Krakow, Poland

2006     “Ciało wizyjne”, X Krakowska Dekada Fotografii, PAUZA Gallery, Krakow, Poland

2005     “Consumer Art.”, brot.undspielele gallery, Berlin, Germany

2004     “PODSUMOWANIA”, Bielska BWA Gallery, Bielsko-Biala, Poland

2003     “Volucres Coeli”, Sztuki WOZOWNIA Gallery, Torun, Poland     

Group Exhibitions (selected):

2012     “recits des trois perverses - femmes seulement”, JANCAR GALLERY, Los Angeles, USA

2011     “Museum of Parallel Narratives. In the framework of L’Internationale”, MACBA Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

2010     “Gender Check - Rollenbilder in der Kunst Osteuropas“, MUMOK Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna, Austria

2009     “re.act.feminism“, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany

2008     “Cutting Realities Gender Strategies in Art”, Austrian Cultural Forum New York, New York City, USA

2007     “2 ou 3 choses que j’ignore d´elles”, Frac Lorraine, Metz, France

2006     “Arteast Collection 2000+23”, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2005     “Spiel 04: Installation_Photo“, brot.undspiele gallery, Berlin, Germany

2004     “Arteast 2000+”, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2003     “Architectures of Gender”, SculptureCenter, Long Island, USA

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