Józef Robakowski
Józef Robakowski is one of the pioneering Polish artists and filmmakers associated with the neo-avant-garde movement of the 1960s and 70s. As founder and initiator of various independent film groups and art associations such as the Exchange Gallery in Łódź, Robakowski was extremely active in developing a strong independent film scene in Poland. His works are characterized by a marked tendency to transgress various genres and media. Robakowski has been and continues to be reviewed in a visual arts context as well as within the traditional film circuit. His multifarious use of diverse media, such as photography, video, film, paper works, mechanical picture production, Expanded Cinema, TV broadcast, installation, and performance, contains a meta-discourse about the guidelines of “reality” as well as a subjective perspective, which is included as “pure reality” appropriation in his short films. Robakowski has also contributed to this discourse in various theoretical texts.    
1939,  Poznań / PL
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